Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Being realistic is the easiest path to mediocrity

Last night's episode of the millionaire matchmaker featured a plus-size diva seeking a hunk. Robin Kassner is worth millions and knows exactly what she wants, a handsome prince. The matchmaker found her to be superficial and delusional.

Here is a quote from an interview she gave to huffpo. I love it! I lover her audacity, her brazenness, and her (uuhhhhh) wisdom.

"Patti called me delusional and I took it as a compliment. Truly successful people have to be somewhat delusional. Only delusional people change the world. Being realistic is the easiest path to mediocrity. People thought getting in a metal tube and flying around the world was unrealistic, but the Wright Brothers didn't think so. People thought flicking a switch and filling a room with light was delusional, but Thomas Edison didn't think so. As a young woman, I run one of the most successful beauty and fashion firms in New York, I own a fabulous apartment in Manhattan, I drive a Mercedes and live the life I love. Most people would think those goals were delusional, but luckily, I go after my dreams."

Uh... diva alert?

Well done Robin. Click here for more of Robin's interview. Click here for an inspirational dance sequence from Save the Last Dance.

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