Monday, February 28, 2011

The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix) by Astrud Gilberto

Listen here.

Great expectations

I'm a bit of a Hemingway or Fitzgerald when it comes to traveling. What I most enjoy about visiting new cities is experiencing the new place in the eyes of its residents. I first learned this approach from my favorite novel, The Sun Also Rises, in it Hemingway depicts ex-pats seeking authentic life experiences via the cafe cultures of Spain and France. If I learned anything from Lady Brett Ashley, and the other misfits, it's that you need to get drunk in a city to really understand it. Perhaps I should say you need to put on your booze-colored glasses or, better yet, BTB! Bring-the-booze! Hehe.

Then there are other times when you simply want to see the sights. I'm not talking about the typical Diva in Distress sights like

an Italian Man dressed perfectly in red pants (yum!),

rays of sunshine bathing squatters in front of the Palazzo Pitti, or

 the studded-kitten heels from Valentino that you have been craving for months.

I'm talking about Historical monuments like the Colosseum or the Taj Mahal. Places that maintain a heartbeat after centuries and have a history so rich that, with a little imagination, you can see the visitors of the past. Places where you don't feel lame (like you did when you had dinner next to Bono and couldn't stop staring) being awe struck.

Italy, rich with culture and well-dressed men definitely met expectations.

Tell me Puppets - where have you been that met or exceeded your expectations?  And, please, feel free to say Barneys if that's your mecca! Stay tuned for a DID list of life experiences that met expectations.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If you know me, you know I love COFFEEEEE

A friend recently asked me if I am easy to travel with, I replied that I only require two things: 1) A general feeling of safety and 2) my morning coffee. That's right - I'm that easy. I love traveling to begin with, so keep me happy by keeping me out of harms way and serve me some java.

Yesterday, on my second-full day in Italy, I was perched comfortably on my realization that Italy produces more than just great food and wine - Italy is also a coffee lover's Mecca! Il caffe is a very popular drink - Italians usually stop to drink a coffee - standing at the bar, so chic.

So on a very sunny Martedi - I made the valiant attempt to find the perfect cup of (Italiano) joe.

My mission started in Piazza Del Popolo at a street-side cafe, where Mr. B and I had just finished cafe-ing. We finished our meal with a cafe il latte, it was delicious with a sweet aroma, but not exactly the good work that I knew the Roman people could do and so we continued on.

Right around apertivo time here in Roma, I stood at the crossroads of coffee greatness, Piazza Sant'Eustachio, and I had to decide between tasting the sweet nectar at Camilloni S. Eustachio or that of Cafe Sant'Eustachio (they are directly across the street from each other). This was a very hard decision! As a coffee connoisseur (and addict) my expectations were high!  

I was allured by Camilloni's authentic-looking establishment...

and, by the flirtatious looks I received from this guy in the beautiful fur collared coat. And, so Camilloni was a natural choice (see! Italians do eat gelato at all hours - I knew it!). Camilloni served up the most the perfect blend of espresso and milk - smooth and velvety. Yum! Success!

On our way past Cafe Sant'Eustachio's their aroma could be smelled from the street! Had I made the wrong choice? Could my nerves handle yet another cup? And what about the adorable yellow motif! How could I have let that beautiful fur-collared man tempt me?  It was too late, I had made my decision and so I would have to live with it.
Well sort of, I decided to take some of the goodness home with me and purchased a bag of Sant'Eustachio's beans! Yippee! All last night, the smell of Caffe fresco lurked in our room. Perhaps that is why I finally had a good sleep.  

We are off to Florence and will report back later. 

p.s. Buttercup says HI!

Monday, February 21, 2011


...from Italy, Puppets. 

I'm happy to report that my brother is totally unaffected by the time change and is sleeping soundly in our hip room at Guesthouse, Casa Howard, whereas, I'll be up obsessing over tomorrow's itinerary until 4 a.m. (Roma time). My gurgling belly, which is filled with Authentic Roman Cuisine from Sora Margherita, is also helping to keep me awake.  

My first impressions of Roma are almost irrelevant, because what I'm most enjoying is watching my buttercup experience new things. He is eating it up (both literally and figuratively - Gelato, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Linguine, Vino Bianco, Vino Rosso, Pizza Margherita, Fried Artichokes, and much, much more).  Today after a quick Latte we spent most of the day exploring the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. We took the 300+ stairs up to the top of St. Peter's Basilica - it was worth the hike - the views were stunning! 

As a historical destination Roma has a lot to offer, but at first glance it is hard to find the so-called "beat" of the city (i.e. In modern times, what's it all about? Who lives and works here? And do Romans really eat gelato at all hours of the day or are those tourists?).

We dined in Centro Storico, which had personality, fewer souvenir shops, and an east village feel. Before dinner, we stopped into a Roman bookstore to get an idea of what the locals like to read. As it turns out, they like to read about art and cooking (go figure!). The two-floor store dedicated almost an entire floor to the two subjects. What Roman's don't want to read about - you ask? Dieting! There was just one shelf tucked way in the back next to bulky cookbooks.

More on my impressions of Roma later, for now back to Buttercup.

As it turns out, Mr. Buttercup is quite the fervent photographer and took some real beauties helping us to capture the moment.

I'm off to try and steal some ZZZZ's! More to come...

Friday, February 18, 2011

A layered (Bodkin FW 11/12) view from my window

This is exactly the view I have from my apartment! Do you think the Bodkin peeps broke in and borrowed my place for the photo shoot?

This is my favorite look from the collection!

 Bodkin also has a dress named after me from their spring/summer 2011 collection, it's called the Sassafrass!

p.s. Laaaaaaaaayeeers!

Penthouse engagement party

The gorgeous bride-to-be wore white, very fitting. Take a look at these views! We were on top of the world! A feeling that I hope the happy couple feels everyday. Another quick congrats to C&N.  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Temptation island

“Vibrations good like sunkist, many wanna know who done this, marky mark and I’m here to move you, rhymes will groove you, and I’m here to prove to you”

-Marky Mark

“Mix a little foolishness with your prudence: It’s good to be silly at the right moment.”


This magic moment...

...was like any other, until I met you.

I've dreamt of the day I would run into a fellow blogger (I've ALSO dreamt about the day I would run into Mousy or Sad Girl from the cult classic Mi Vida Loca). It finally happened last Sunday... I was in my favorite west village nail salon and in walked a blogging celebrity, I was tongue-tied.

Before I continue on with my story, I have to share more information, I've lived in NYC for quite some time now and so, I've dined and drank libations next to several celebrities. I've even seen Tom Cruise in central park (pre-Katie). But seeing a fellow blogger felt like bumping into a fellow member of fight club. When I approached her and introduced myself, I unintentionally took my voice down to a whisper. Why? I really don't know! When I asked her private questions like "Where's your baby boy?" I felt uncomfortable like I had read her diary or have a peeping tom camera set up in her apartment.

Fellow bloggers out there: Who would you like to run into?  I would absolutely love to run into Carey from Corks & Caftans! I think her and I are kindred spirits. (Carey if you are reading this, quick kindred spirit test: What do you think about baby talk?)

When I first met my husband he told me there were two people in this world, those that like the film Vanilla Sky and those who don't. That is how I feel about baby talk, there are those who do it and those who don't. Anyway, I fell way off the point...

A big thanks to all the bloggers out there who share their life experiences! And to my readers: Puppets, should you run into me on the street - definitely ask me to go for a margarita, I will definitely say "Si,vamos!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"In my mind, in my heart, there has never been, there’s not now, and never will be another Annie.”

Thanks a lot Emmm! There are tears all over my desk thanks to this video. I must say, it puts life in perspective, even for the briefest moment. There is nothing to fight about when you have love.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Bad Creation - Iesha

Ahhh schoolyard love, so young, yet so cool. I'm so making this my ringtone.

New lyrics:

Vic-tor-e-a, you are the girl I never had
and I want to get to know you betta
Vict-tor-e-a you know I want you so bad
And there's nothing anyone can do
To keep me away from you

Do you think I'll be able to get E to sing this to me later?

Hey! I think I love you!

Happy Valentine's day, Puppets! Love it or hate it, you can't avoid it. Especially not in NYC. Someone puked red all over the city and by noon there will be flower vendors on each street corner. Step in to Grand Central Station and I'm sure you will find heart decorations galore. The only real thing I like about V-day are the heart decorations!

In the spirit of Valentine's day - here is a compilation of mushy things bound to make you smile.

To my delight, I took the lid off my morning latte and found this adorable surprise. Thanks Aiesha!

Stunning little details from the engagement party I went to on Saturday. Congrats C&N!

An adorable surprise from my one-and-only-someone.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Diva litmus test

25 ways to spot a diva according to Victoria

1. Heels at the airport. Enough said. Only a true diva sacrifices comfort for beauty. (For the record:  I'm not endorsing heels at the aiport, give your feet and your heels a break.)

2. She wears leather pants everywhere.

3. Use of the words, "I'll wait." A really diva knows when you only get one shot. "I'll wait for Diddy to get out of his meeting, thanks."

4. 6 months go by and this individual has entirely reinvented herself. She has a new look, a new book out, a new man, and a new set of ideas. She rocks.

5. She wears or rocks anything BIG. Big coats, big hats, big jewels, big men, big ideas, etc.

6. She understands other cultures and thinks intolerance is gross.

7. She uses the subway, when it's convenient.

8. This potential Diva is a member of the anti-swoon movement, she doesn't think everything is lovely or precious, she isn't smitten or over the moon with polka dots, kate spade, and things that are old fashioned. She loves French culture and all that implies, but doesn't obsess too much over Paris. Who am I kidding - I love Paris.

9. She knows the lyrics to several rap songs and isn't afraid to admit it (or rap).

10. She is Zsa Zsa Gabor, J-lo, Madonna, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Taylor or Victoria from that Diva in Distress blog.

11. She uses the word, Darling, sparingly.

12. She has a PHD that she only uses on the weekends.

13. She has no problem saying no! No thanks! See you later! This isn't for me! Sayonara!

14. Wearing any dress and at anytime she is not afraid to D-A-N-C-E. In fact, she has this beautiful way of dancing and pretending that no one notices.

15. She wears pink to the DMV or foreign consulate.

16. She wakes up next to you and says, " Last night, I dreamt about Marc Jacobs new collection."

17. She collects {insert noun} (dolls, unicorns, spoons, and stuffed animals do not count and -1 Diva Point.).

18. She spends $50 to repair shoes that originally cost $35, because, to her, it's worth it.

19. If you really got to know her you would find that she is humble and mispronounces some French words.

20. Instead of walking, she struts.

21. She sometimes has tantrums, but only in private.

22. She doesn't need a reasonable excuse to have a second martini.

23. She shamelessly buys coffee table books because she likes them.

24. She isn't ashamed to occasionally objectify men.

25. Her umbrella matches her outfit. This is on purpose folks!

What Urge Will Save Us...

Now That Sex Won't?

WARNING: What follows is a shameless display of my continued excitement over being at Baby Jane Holzer's home on Tuesday. The photos that follow will give you a taste of what it's like to live in a museum and, more importantly, what I look like in Norisol Ferrari's fur jackets! Love them!

Speaking of Baby Jane, has everyone seen the film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (circa 1962)? It's about two sisters who are retired actresses, one is disabled and the non-disabled sister is abusive. When we were growin up, my sister and I used to play a game called "Baby Jane," where we would take turns abusing each other. Very sadistic, I know, but we were like that.   

 A marble stool that I accidently put my champagne glass on, not knowing that it was a piece of art. 

Baby Jane Holzer - timeless diva.