Monday, January 3, 2011

A toast to honor the New Year

So much has happened in 2010 I can't even begin to recap. The biggest event was, of course, my marriage and then the start of this blog. Rather than recap all of 2010 I thought I would toast the start of 2011.

A New Year's Toast

To love

To style

To self-discovery

To options

To pen pals

To grins

To indulgence

To fulfillment

To life

To pleasure

To ideas

To rock-and-roll outfits

To doing you

To being on the loose

To perseverance

To new friends

To picking up where you left off

To progression

To tradition

To your own URL

To bending backwards

To soirees

To confessions

To conducting your own orchestra

To us!
What would like to toast?

(Photo of me in South France taken by a friend)

1 comment:

  1. I have two confessions:
    1. I've been MIA.
    2. it's getting harder to decide which is my favorite post. this one is definitely up there...well said and to the point.