Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Limited Edition Les Rogers Print

So naughty! I love this!  Can be found here and hopefully in my apartment sometime soon.

About the work

Bright bedroom is an iconic example of Les Rogers' abstract realist work. Through his paintings, Les represents the ways that vision and memory can work together. He begins with something tangible and then deconstructs it to represent his memory of the experience. In the case of Bright Bedroom, Les began with a photo of his lover then re-expressed, multiplied and fractured it so that is was transformed into a memory.

Such an imaginative yet practical method. I could deconstruct several images I have in my head, especially those pertaining to literary characters. My first subject would be less blatantly sexual, perhaps Pip of Great Expectations. Pip is a self-aware, shameful character, who wants nothing more than to reject his past to win the respect of high society and the love of Estella.

Who would you deconstruct into a modern work of art?

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