Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello Lovely Readers,

I have soooo much to share after an amazing weekend, but I must start with the gem of the weekend, a new acronym, BTB.

BTB stands for bring-that-booty and can be used as a late-night response to this text: "Hey, I'm coming over." "Ok, BTB."  Or it can be used when you are at home with your boyfriend/lover/husband and want to get a little frisky, just shout "Baby B! T! B!" It can also be used a slang for dancing: "So like, I was at the club, and you know I was BTB-ing and feeling really fly (do people say fly anymore?)."

Really it should be a pop song or better yet a rap song. Sample lyrics: Girl was looking fly on her facebook - so I dropped her a line telling her to BTB, that's right I said BTB. Lonely girl was at the club and I want to show her love, so I put it on a napkin, telling her to BTB.

Perhaps that crazy lady on Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim, can perform a pop version of BTB. Something very easy for her pea-sized brain like, "Alll he had to do was say, BTB. Bring that Booty. Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohhhhh, Ohhhh, BTB. B-b-b-b T-t-t-t B-b-b-b "

Or for me and my HB who likes to flirt over text message. For example:
HB: Babe, when are you coming home?
Me: Soon

Call me crass, call me insane, but just don't forget to BTB.

A big thanks to Daryl from The Office for introducing me to this priceless term. To all you New Yorkers out there: my goal is to get this into everyday vernacular. Can you help by spreading the BTB love?

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