Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cold front

NYC is having a major cold spell, major! Which means I haven't taken off my Verdel Cashmere Turban, that I won from Joanna Goddard at A Cup of Jo, in days! I've taken to wearing it backwards for a relaxed hipster look.

I spent much of last weekend trying to keep warm, while my brain was overheating with new ideas. How would I fill the rest of my days? A reinvention is necessary and pending - but which direction do I go in? A new mentor recently told me that I shouldn't limit myself to one track, but instead should plan to pull myself in several directions at a time until I figure it out.  

A visit to the Clinton Street Bakery reminded me that I love Motown favorites and that good pancakes are in demand here on Manhattan (we waited for over an hour!). I'm thinking a West Village pancake shop is in order. I'll add a dash of sass to all the recipes and play Motown favorites until everyone drops.

What does everyone think? Could this be the idea that changes my DID status to dormant?

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  1. Do it! Great idea...and you know who would be TOTALLY excited about collaborating on design :) We can customize everything from napkins to door handles. oh and whoever that new mentor is ...good advice but be just a tad bit careful about completing your projects. I tend to run into that problem sometimes. Just an hour ago my mom and I were discussing my 2011 options over tea. She has zero faith in what she calls my "five fingered approach". But that's okay...I'm going to show her how it's done :) Best of luck V!