Monday, January 31, 2011

I've been a bad-bad blogger

Dear Lovely Readers,

Last week went by like a flash of lightning. So sorry for the unplanned hiatus but I was swamped with work, networking, and some DIY projects.

I have so much to share! A recap of all my recent adventures in networking, salsa dancing at SOB's, DIY closet building, meeting an amazingly stylish diva name Daria and my ever growing L-O-V-E for my husband. I also need to share my out of body experience while finishing Ingrid Betancourt's book. That's right, out of body experience. I was there, in the jungle, with Ingrid during her final days in the Colombian jungle.

Stay tuned for some truly exciting posts. But for now I leave you with a little ditty I like to call Seen and Heard.

Seen: On gossip girl
Heard: "Blair you are a dictator of taste."

Seen: Two siblings and their Mom standing in front of me at the Brooklyn Ikea (roughly 15 and 5 years old)Heard: (15-year old) "Mom he pinched me!" " So pinch him back!" "Owwwwwww!"

Seen: In print a quote from Oscar Wilde
Heard: "Everything popular is wrong!"

Seen: At SOB's nightclub
Heard: " Would you like to dance princessa?"

Seen: Two 20 something girlfriends on the subway
Heard: "I told my Mom my dog is better than any boyfriend anyway!"

Seen: Friends at a dinner party
Heard: I was fresh off the uhaul from Ohio, and...

Seen: Coffee with a friend gushing and recapping my wedding
Heard: "Victoria it was grand, yet intimate. Extravagant, yet tasteful." (SCORE!)

(Gratuitous picture of me and my Nana from Christmas - isn't she beautiful?)

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