Friday, October 28, 2011

The Little Book of Hindu Deities: From the Goddess of Wealth to the Sacred Crow

The Little Book of Hindu Deities

Super cool look to this book of art that's based on Indian mythology. Stunning, charming, and clever are a few other words that come to mind. Created by one of the top animators at pixar, Sanjay Patel.

What a lovely way to learn about Indian mythology and, as Maria Popova puts it, the spectrum of human experience (petty quarrels, epic battles, love and betrayal, happiness and loss).

It's settled. Next year for Halloween I'm dressing as Lakshmi - the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is the embodiment of beauty, grace, and courage.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sol LeWitt’s Advice to Eva Hesse: Don’t Worry About Cool, Make Your Own Uncool

Click here for a beautiful and moving story of love, guidance, camaraderie, and so much more that it is hard to put into words. I couldn't help but share. 

I hope that you find this just as inspiring as do. 

Below is a copy of Sol LeWitt's compelling letter to Eva Hesse. This is the handwritten version (borrowed from gwarlingo).  The full text is below the break.

A big thanks to my dear friend, D, for sharing and for marching to the beat of her own drum (is that how the saying goes?).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Before I die...

I discovered an interesting project in Brooklyn Heights this morning.  I was there picking up this guy, when I stumbled upon this giant chalkboard of self promises. Love it.

Have you seen this before? Is this old news? As we walked by I chuckled to myself, because I was reminded of my friend Kate. Kate has told me many times about her bucket list and each time I've responded with the same thing, "You're too young for a bucket list."

Well, I stand corrected. Perhaps we are never to young to think about the things we wish to achieve.

I was a bit flustered as I had my hands full, but I was able to jot down my wish. I wrote, "Learn more."And, well, I meant it.

Everybody stopped, stood, and observed. Some participated.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Buffalo love

In a land far, far, far away (really only 500 miles or so) from New York City I was born. And in this land the people celebrated their lives with an abundance of snow, chicken wings, and American Football.

So this year for my annual celebration of self (birthday). I celebrated in true Diva fashion and had friends over to watch the Buffalo Bills in action. Food was served and although most people cheered the opposing team, the New York Giants, I was grateful for the company and the ease in which another year passed. One text from a close friend said, "I challenge you to top last year's birthday." Impossible I replied! Last year at this time I was in Guatemala soaking up the last bits of sun (and freedom) before our wedding. Way too much excitement.

Anyway, this reminds me of a conversation Mr. DID had with his business partner (or BP for short).

Mr. DID: Hey, I won't be in on Friday. Vic and I are going to the motherland.
BP: Oh yeah - where is that? Buffalo?
Mr. DID: No, Puerto Rico.
BP: I don't understand.
Mr. DID: Neither do I. Trust me, neither do I.

Well readers, My Mom's clan is from the much-celebrated-in-my-house-island of Puerto Rico. And although the Latin blood runs through my veins, the real, TRUE, motherland is my dear old Buffalo. BP was right.

I'd like to give a shout out to all my friends who played along on Sunday and weren't in the least bit shocked by my infinite silliness. It really doesn't get old for me. Someday my future mini-DID's will say to me, "Mom! Stop dancing! You're embarrassing me." And all will be right in the world.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pendleton: The Portland Collection

If you look past the general momsy exterior of the Pendleton brand you will find some iconic and amazing pieces. Particularly if you are a first-time viewer and are looking at the new young and hip Portland Collection.

I discovered Pendleton wool goods at a recent trip to Buffalo and this stuff is bonkers. If your look incorporates elements of Native American style this stuff is for you - plus it is legit gorgeous. I bought this as a small present for my sister. Did I mention I love buying her presents?

Take a tour of The Portland Collection's lookbook here. Sort through and imagine yourself on a ski trip decked out in one of these getups. I also really like these vintage men's flannel shirts as well - worn as a shirt with some leather or belted as a dress. Or what about these boots? Who wouldn't wear these apres ski?

Having seen this stuff in person, I can attest that it is high quality and suitable for the indie chick in all of us. I can certainly see this lady wearing some of the looks.

My favorite item from the collection is the over-sized sweater shown below. I can think of 5 different ways to wear and enjoy it. I'm certainly a bit more classic, but I'd pull it off.  I could definitely see this recent bride wearing it on a fall day up north. I'd style her with some black jeans, knee-high boots, and whatever else suits her mood.

The designers: Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk, and John Blasioli bring a "strong love of independent fashion as well as the spirit of Pendleton," and make me want to sing this song.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be

"You might look inside yourself and think you know yourself, but over many decades you can change in ways you won’t see ahead of time. Don’t assume you know who you will become. This applies all the more to folks around you. You may know who they are now, but not who they will become."

Click here for more WISDOM.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tickle the senses or don't

This weekend I learned about sensory deprivation tanks as a tool for relaxation or mediation. Subjects float in complete silence and darkness in an enclosed tank of salt water that is the same temperature as their bodies - cutting off all stimuli. Think the dead sea meets the womb. The idea is to create a state of purity and see where the minds goes. Perhaps to sleep? Perhaps to a dream? Or to complete emptiness.

Contrast that with the beautiful multi-sensory use of material and space done by Ernesto Neto at his sprawling installation titled Crazy Hyperculture in the Vertigo of the World. The maze-like structure is at the new Faena Arts Center in Argentina. Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets a play gym for adults. Or, better yet, a dream world meets movement and feeling.

Ernesto encourages his "experiencers" to use all of their senses as they ascend deeper into the installation.  There are balls in those nets, so you can crawl through and feel the sculpture. I love the use of all the senses. I wonder how the net feels under the feet? Stable? Do you feel the movement of other "experiencers"? Apparently, at the NY version of the sculpture you could smell different scents and smells.

I don't about all of you, but I am a sensory Diva for sure. I enjoy crisp days with beautiful backdrops, delicious flavors, scents, and people. So I'll take the netted maze over a saline tank any day.

(pictures by wallpaper magazine)