Tuesday, December 7, 2010

25 things every woman should know

1. How to plan a trip and enjoy it -  alone.
2. That your dream job is...? You need to know! So that you can avoid the DID trenches.
3. Your exit line (i.e. last words) for every situation. Every woman needs a proper exit.
4. How to embrace your own vanities. Pride in your own abilities and achievements is nothing to hide.
5. That it's important to enjoy life and not worry about being perfect. Tick tick goes the clock.
6. That love like that of Vera and Vladimir Nabokov exists. She was his muse, editor, and devoted wife.
7. Whether or not you enjoy children.
8. What book you would hide and covet in a Fahrenheit 451 situation.
9. That life holds only one guarantee: NOW.
10. How to make one good cake.
11. How to age gracefully. And not to forget to thank your Mom for the good genes. Thanks Mom!
12. Your fashion muse. Mine is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Althought I'm not sure that Carolyn would wear this
13. This line from Breakfast at Tiffany's: "You could always tell what kind of person a mans thinks you are by the earrings he gives you."
14. That you should not indulge in jealousy.
15. What colors most flatter your skin tone. If you are anything like my sister, you can wear many splendid colors.
16. How to balance a checkbook, contribute to a 401K, and save for a rainy day.
17. That your self worth is not based on who likes you. Rather, it's based on whether or not you like yourself.
18. How to connect with your inner self, while remembering which side is most flattering for photos.
19. How to drive a manual- transmission vehicle. Why? For that driving trip through the alps.Trust me, if your man is anything like my city bloke, he won't know how!
20. The name of at least one fallback author for uninspired bouts at the bookstore or international departures terminal. Try Milan Kundera or Haruki Murakami.
21. To please your lover.
22. What you would do with a jackpot. Everyone needs a contingency plan. I've already won the jackpot.
23. How to enjoy the opera.
24. About Yale University's open lecture series on youtube. There is an entire lot on modern-American Novels. Amazing! And perfect for a confused Diva like me - who often needs a daytime distraction.
25. How to say yes! Yes to life, love, and flattering pants.

So tell me - what is your exit line? Who is your fashion muse? Your


  1. "OMG! I've got a plane to catch!" Seriously, Starting next Tuesday, I'm escaping the frost for 36 days. Let's have another scheme-session before then.

  2. Delighted to hear you talk about CBK re: fashion inspiration! I have piles and piles of clippings of her I've saved over the years (i'm a total fashion dork like that, or maybe just a dork, period.) Also, brilliant & FAB tip re: the utube Yale Lecture Series - I feel like I'm losing brain cells as I (gracefully) get older...I need to channel new brain wavelengths - desperately. - MM

  3. MM - I had a copy of the September 1999 Vanity Fair on my desk in college for well over a year. I couldn't bring myself to shelf it. I still have it somewhere packed away in a box. CBK is a fashion icon.

    The Yale series will get those brain cells active again! If all else fails, trying writing with your non-dominant hand during meetings - that's what I do.

  4. "To Please Your Lover" is my favorite... oh and maybe "How to make One Good Cake too" :)... great list!

    GIVEAWAY: Patricia Field Leather Glovettes & Chain Vest Necklace!

  5. I need to plan a trip by myself...that would be so much fun!!!

    vist my new post!
    xoxo, Amanda

    p.s. I love your blog! Let interview each other and post them for more publicity! :D email me if you're interested amandarchambault@aol.com