Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent calendar: Day 2

Day 2, wish 2: A six-day riding adventure in the Argentinian Andes with Cazenove + Loyd. Luxury travel is very chic and great for a limitless holiday wish list. Let your imaginations wander and join me in the saddle. Close your eyes and picture the beautiful landscape, the riding boots, and your fearless Argentinian leader helping you cross different terrains. Very chic, very romantic, very whimsical, very Hemingway.

I love to travel; I'm particularly happy when planning for a trip. The anticipation I feel before venturing out to a new place is particularly fulfilling. Perhaps I should become a luxury travel agent or start my own luxury travel agency.

This travelista dreams of owning her own hotelita someday. Can you imagine the luxurious lifestyle that comes along with owning (not managing) a boutique hotel. I envision somewhere exotic, where the locals embrace the 6-12 tourists I bring in each week (very exclusive). Everyone experiences the pleasures of the local culture and traditions, while returning back to luxury at night. How idyllic! One option is the relatively untapped San Miguel Allende.  

More on San Miguel later. For now, join me in dreaming...Where would your boutique hotelita be located? 

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