Thursday, December 9, 2010

Save the date: Katharine Sise at Castor & Pollux

December 15, 6-8
Katharine Sise Trunk Show/ Book Reading

Katharine Sise is a jewelry designer and recent author of: Creative Girl: The Ultimate Guide for Turning Talent and Creativity into a Real Career. Katharine will present her Castor & Pollux collection, while she reads inspirational excerpts, from her book, on how to convert your creative dreams into a real life career.

When I met Katharine at the Lesley M.M. Blume reading, she struck me as funny, smart, motivated, and high energy (this is an understatement)! She is a rock star and an inspiration to this DID.

Her book provides a pragmatic approach to a creative-career change, I couldn't put it down. She forced me to face tough questions like: What are my natural abilities? What sacrifices am I willing to make for a fulfilling career? What's holding me back from leaving my day job? 

For me, Creative Girl was a truly eyeopening read! I realized that F-E-A-R is holding me back from setting up my own business or starting in a creative field. Damn - how on earth do I overcome the F-word?

So tell me - how do you overcome fear? Plunge into the unknown face first? Eyes closed? Eyes wide open?Staring straight at the potential consequences?

This DID needs a push.   

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  1. Just yesterday, I was sharing with one of my favourite people in the world how cynical optimism and fear are the biggest idea deflaters. He responded in his usual compelling and insightful manner:
    If you can drink your own Kool-Aid you'll be a good entrepreneur; of course your Kool-Aid must be appealing to others as well. If you can drink other people's Kool-Aid you'll be a great employee.

    For me, the key is to be inspired enough by an idea that I overcome/oversee potential hurdles. Although, usually what happens is that the F-factor or subconscious cynicism kick in and the next thing I know this really cool idea that I have been excited about just stays that way, an idea. So how do I do it? I try to be (in other people's eyes) ridiculously inspired and optimistic with a touch of idealism thrown in :)