Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Save the date: Anna Sui at the Met

Fashion Meets Furniture
A Conversation with Anna Sui

Hello Chickens! Here is an early holiday gift for you! Scoop! Anna Sui will discuss her fall line at the Met this January.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art does a series of concerts and lectures that are absolutely superb. My husband and I attended a lecture by Salman Rushdie last year, it was fascinating.

On January 14th at 6pm, Anna is going to speak with various met curators (including Andrew Bolton of the Costume Institute) on how her fall collection was influenced by the work of Charles Rohlfs - amazing!

The exhibition: The artistic furniture of Charles Rohlfs can be viewed at the met until January 23, 2010.

It's interesting to think about where design inspiration comes from. As an aspiring designer, most of my inspiration has come from traveling. While exploring different parts of the world, everything from a floral arrangement to architecture can spark big ideas. I've also come to appreciate the rich cultural influences behind color palates, trends, and construction techniques (like using the back strap loom in Guatemala).

Click here for tickets.

(Photo by The Met)


  1. Love Anna Sui! She is definitely really original in her designs!


  2. Muuuuuchas gracias for sharing this - ticket purchased. -MM