Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mer des amis

Important news: I'm going to be a successful fashion designer! I dream about this almost daily! Apparently so does my darling Kate.

If it "came" to Kate in a dream it's bound to come true (Channeling Goethe right now, dream it, begin it, check!).

Here is a correspondence between me and one of my longest standing friends:

me: I miss you! I loved spending time with you in Guatemala!
Kate: Awwww, ditto.
me: It was really awesome.
Kate: It was, wasn't it?
Kate: OMG! I almost forgot! I had a dream after I got back that you were having a fashion show of your designs. You had me model in it and I hated you for it, because everyone else was skinny.
me: Haha! I love that dream. It means I will become a successful designer someday.
Kate: I kept saying, "No, I'm a size 12. It doesn't make sense!" LOL
me: That's funny and very much something I would do. (Note: Kate is one of my most beautiful friends and would certainly be featured in my fashion show.)

In my lifetime, I have had the pleasure of having hundreds of friends. Male friends, female friends, related friends, best friends, party friends, yoga friends, shopping friends, ex-pat friends, funny friends, diva friends, travel friends, and now blog friends.

I've learned that there isn't a relationship more rewarding than female friendship. Female friends empower and encourage each other, help each other bring visions to fruition, and support each other when they are feeling blue.  They also keep you on your toes by being their fabulous driven selves.
Thanks for the vision Kate! 

 (Photo titled: Mer des amis, taken by a friend in Rincon)

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