Thursday, December 16, 2010

Work BFF's and other discoveries

Last night, at the Katharine Sise reading, I had the pleasure of meeting a dynamic duo of work BFF's. They were great! It reminded me of my work BFF who recently bought a one-way ticket to newjobville. I am in an absolute tizzy about her upcoming departure. How will I ever cope without her? What will my humdrum office be like without her? WWZZD?

For most of us, a work BFF helps to make the day run a little bit smoother by providing a daily dose of distraction. My work BFF takes me for coffee and mid-day shopping adventures, she also provides a ton of fodder for laughter. I love her.

In talking to the dynamic duo I made another very important discovery: many women in creative fields supplement their incomes with day jobs! For example, if you're a musician you might be a music teacher during the day. How perfect is that? You get to practice what you love and make money doing it. Kudos to them.
Also, loving Sophie van der Perre's photos - I just discovered her work! So young and hip.

(Photos by Sophie van der Perre)

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