Friday, February 11, 2011

Diva litmus test

25 ways to spot a diva according to Victoria

1. Heels at the airport. Enough said. Only a true diva sacrifices comfort for beauty. (For the record:  I'm not endorsing heels at the aiport, give your feet and your heels a break.)

2. She wears leather pants everywhere.

3. Use of the words, "I'll wait." A really diva knows when you only get one shot. "I'll wait for Diddy to get out of his meeting, thanks."

4. 6 months go by and this individual has entirely reinvented herself. She has a new look, a new book out, a new man, and a new set of ideas. She rocks.

5. She wears or rocks anything BIG. Big coats, big hats, big jewels, big men, big ideas, etc.

6. She understands other cultures and thinks intolerance is gross.

7. She uses the subway, when it's convenient.

8. This potential Diva is a member of the anti-swoon movement, she doesn't think everything is lovely or precious, she isn't smitten or over the moon with polka dots, kate spade, and things that are old fashioned. She loves French culture and all that implies, but doesn't obsess too much over Paris. Who am I kidding - I love Paris.

9. She knows the lyrics to several rap songs and isn't afraid to admit it (or rap).

10. She is Zsa Zsa Gabor, J-lo, Madonna, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Taylor or Victoria from that Diva in Distress blog.

11. She uses the word, Darling, sparingly.

12. She has a PHD that she only uses on the weekends.

13. She has no problem saying no! No thanks! See you later! This isn't for me! Sayonara!

14. Wearing any dress and at anytime she is not afraid to D-A-N-C-E. In fact, she has this beautiful way of dancing and pretending that no one notices.

15. She wears pink to the DMV or foreign consulate.

16. She wakes up next to you and says, " Last night, I dreamt about Marc Jacobs new collection."

17. She collects {insert noun} (dolls, unicorns, spoons, and stuffed animals do not count and -1 Diva Point.).

18. She spends $50 to repair shoes that originally cost $35, because, to her, it's worth it.

19. If you really got to know her you would find that she is humble and mispronounces some French words.

20. Instead of walking, she struts.

21. She sometimes has tantrums, but only in private.

22. She doesn't need a reasonable excuse to have a second martini.

23. She shamelessly buys coffee table books because she likes them.

24. She isn't ashamed to occasionally objectify men.

25. Her umbrella matches her outfit. This is on purpose folks!


  1. So funny! Love the pic as well!

  2. Haha ! It's really funny ! And the pic, oh my gosh as baby couture said i loved it !!

    Go take a look ♥