Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last dance with Baby Jane (Holzer)

I'm delighted to share a unique New York City evening with you. Last night, I attended a private viewing of Norisol Ferrari's designs at Jane Holzer's private home. Norisol was joined by Abhishk Patni, Director of A.R.T., who displayed pieces from several fine-jewelry designers. New York City socialites joined me (a DID and non-nycsocialite) for the viewing, the well-preserved divas sipped pellegrino instead of champagne as to not jeopardize their figures.

Let me start by saying that Norisol's pieces are a cool mix of Rick Owens meets Upper East Side Diva - I was pleasantly suprised. View her collection by clicking here. Truly stunning!

Visiting Jane Holzer's home was a surreal experience that, surprisingly, topped Norisol's collection. Located on the UES, Jane's home can only be described as a museum. On display is her personal history and eccentric collection of art work. For those of you who don't know, Baby Jane is the once muse of iconic-American artist, Andy Warhol.

How cool is that? I was at the home of a muse last night! (Note to self: Add become a muse to your bucket list.)

Here are some photos of Baby Jane's collection.

I ended the evening by eating too many french fries at Match 65. Sorry waistline!

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