Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If you know me, you know I love COFFEEEEE

A friend recently asked me if I am easy to travel with, I replied that I only require two things: 1) A general feeling of safety and 2) my morning coffee. That's right - I'm that easy. I love traveling to begin with, so keep me happy by keeping me out of harms way and serve me some java.

Yesterday, on my second-full day in Italy, I was perched comfortably on my realization that Italy produces more than just great food and wine - Italy is also a coffee lover's Mecca! Il caffe is a very popular drink - Italians usually stop to drink a coffee - standing at the bar, so chic.

So on a very sunny Martedi - I made the valiant attempt to find the perfect cup of (Italiano) joe.

My mission started in Piazza Del Popolo at a street-side cafe, where Mr. B and I had just finished cafe-ing. We finished our meal with a cafe il latte, it was delicious with a sweet aroma, but not exactly the good work that I knew the Roman people could do and so we continued on.

Right around apertivo time here in Roma, I stood at the crossroads of coffee greatness, Piazza Sant'Eustachio, and I had to decide between tasting the sweet nectar at Camilloni S. Eustachio or that of Cafe Sant'Eustachio (they are directly across the street from each other). This was a very hard decision! As a coffee connoisseur (and addict) my expectations were high!  

I was allured by Camilloni's authentic-looking establishment...

and, by the flirtatious looks I received from this guy in the beautiful fur collared coat. And, so Camilloni was a natural choice (see! Italians do eat gelato at all hours - I knew it!). Camilloni served up the most the perfect blend of espresso and milk - smooth and velvety. Yum! Success!

On our way past Cafe Sant'Eustachio's their aroma could be smelled from the street! Had I made the wrong choice? Could my nerves handle yet another cup? And what about the adorable yellow motif! How could I have let that beautiful fur-collared man tempt me?  It was too late, I had made my decision and so I would have to live with it.
Well sort of, I decided to take some of the goodness home with me and purchased a bag of Sant'Eustachio's beans! Yippee! All last night, the smell of Caffe fresco lurked in our room. Perhaps that is why I finally had a good sleep.  

We are off to Florence and will report back later. 

p.s. Buttercup says HI!

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