Thursday, February 17, 2011

This magic moment...

...was like any other, until I met you.

I've dreamt of the day I would run into a fellow blogger (I've ALSO dreamt about the day I would run into Mousy or Sad Girl from the cult classic Mi Vida Loca). It finally happened last Sunday... I was in my favorite west village nail salon and in walked a blogging celebrity, I was tongue-tied.

Before I continue on with my story, I have to share more information, I've lived in NYC for quite some time now and so, I've dined and drank libations next to several celebrities. I've even seen Tom Cruise in central park (pre-Katie). But seeing a fellow blogger felt like bumping into a fellow member of fight club. When I approached her and introduced myself, I unintentionally took my voice down to a whisper. Why? I really don't know! When I asked her private questions like "Where's your baby boy?" I felt uncomfortable like I had read her diary or have a peeping tom camera set up in her apartment.

Fellow bloggers out there: Who would you like to run into?  I would absolutely love to run into Carey from Corks & Caftans! I think her and I are kindred spirits. (Carey if you are reading this, quick kindred spirit test: What do you think about baby talk?)

When I first met my husband he told me there were two people in this world, those that like the film Vanilla Sky and those who don't. That is how I feel about baby talk, there are those who do it and those who don't. Anyway, I fell way off the point...

A big thanks to all the bloggers out there who share their life experiences! And to my readers: Puppets, should you run into me on the street - definitely ask me to go for a margarita, I will definitely say "Si,vamos!"

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  1. HA! Well we will have to arrange arrange that, m'dear!

    Baby talk is cool... I just usually do it with a Croatian accent. I think it adds...a little something extra.