Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Social Media Week and a perfect networking strategy

Last night, I joined hundreds of networkers and social media gurus at the New York Public Library to kick off Social Media Week. It was a massive success! I met so many amazing people and learned a ton. My biggest take away was a new networking strategy - the wingman strategy. Using a wingman for networking is comparable to using a wingman to approach potential love interests. You join forces and help make introductions. Best thing about the wingman approach is you don't need to know your wingman beforehand!

Meet Ryan (above) my wingman from last night's event. Ryan and I met last last night, recognized a mutual need (to meet people for new business ventures) and got cracking. A few hours later I had talked the ears off of media gurus, CEO's, technology geniuses, media directors, startup founders, amongst others.

It was a much easier feat having my wingman there to help me break the ice.

Social media is so hot right now and has experienced exponential growth over the last decade! I'm so behind on social media that I felt like my Nana on the "internets" for the first time. There are so many new ways to conect and share information - like Hashable.

Is everyone familiar with Hashable? Hashable is a free iPhone app that can be classified as a "great to meet you" tool. You plug in the email address or twitter handle of someone you just met and it sends an automated "Nice to meet you" email with your contact details. So cool! And, it's free!

What are some new media platforms that everyone has used?

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