Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Views from my morning commute


Oh boy do I have a doozy of a story for you...

I'm delighted to say that I didn't allow the slushy city to get me down this morning. If you don't know, NYC is having a frozen ice storm and the streets are filled with ice, snow, and dark-ominous puddles. Somehow, geared up in my galoshes and rain-proof gear, I managed to stay happy. Perhaps it was the big hug I received from my husband before departing or it was the joy I felt when I encountered the cool new display at the Christian Louboutin store.

Have I ever mentioned to you, dear readers,my close proximity to the Louie Louie (D - click on this link - I listened to this on my way up Kilimanjaro) store? I pass it everyday! Dangerous! In fact, my dear buttercup, refers to Louboutins as - ready? - Lady Gaga shoes!

Here are some photos of the display/my commute:

So all was going well this morning. I hopped around the puddles, stayed dry, and didn't feel bothered in the subway that felt like a sauna (steamy windows and all). I exited at my normal stop and climbed the stairs slowly. That's when it happened, the small-unassuming umbrella salesman, made eye contact with me, took hold of his private parts and made the most grotesque thrusting motion I've ever seen. Yup this really happened! And yes, I'm very sure of what I saw. It was out of an after-school special! Like when the 13-year old girl sneaks into a bar (dressed like a Vegas showgirl) with her friends in a bad part of town and discovers that people who frequent bars are sex-crazed-lunatics with long-dirty hair. Enough said.

Happy slushy morning to you all.  

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