Monday, December 6, 2010

Ten ways to keep your bum nice and chubby this winter season

There is no denying that the cold-winter weather is upon us. There is a chance of flurries today in NYC!  Rather than suggest you get cozy with blankets and cashmere socks, I thought I would suggest ways to fatten up your bum for some extra warmth and cushioning. These are the very same tactics I use, so they are guaranteed!

1. Eat Nutella out of the jar at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At least two generous spoonfuls at a time. 

2. Consider cheese a major food group. I never leave the market without my weekly servings of gruyere, cheddar, and manchego - I need them.

3. Red, red, wine. A lovely glass of cabernet on a cool winter's evening will not only keep you warm, but it will prompt you to feel a bit hazy and lazy, so you won't move. Little movement equals some extra cushion.

4. Sit and K-I-S-S a lover, love interest, or old flame. I plan to spend extra time this winter snuggling up with my new hubby and K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Sure they say kissing burns calories, but sitting on your bum next to a fireplace does not!

5. Hot chocolate from the chocolate bar. Full of delicious calories and warm to boot. No need to run laps around the west village to get warmed up.

6. Après ski with a serious bang: mulled wine, biscuits, and aperitifs galore.

7. Take a trip to Iceland and spend time in the Geysir hot springs. Icelandic people are known for being extremely happy and content - oh and did I mention very attractive. How about some people watching after your hot springs trip?

8. Eat yummy ramen at places like ippudo or rai rai ken then schedule a nap for afterwards. These long luxurious pleasures take zero effort!

9. Invite your friends for a foreign film night and watch L'avventura. A friend so kindly told me that I remind him of the main character, Anna. Pair foreign film night with Italian cuisine and Italian wine.

10. Spend time enjoying the innocence of full days in pajamas and feel like a kid again. Cozy silk or cashmere pajamas will help ensure you feel luxurious and will skip movement all together. 


  1. That's very cute, but I've been trying to shrink my bum for more than half my life! lol

    Maryjane xoxo

  2. Adore this post!!! However, I must say, your little baby bum = zero indication that your techniques work! :) MM