Monday, November 29, 2010

A sequins of events

Have you ever had one of those absolutely perfect weekends? For me, a perfect weekend usually entails several additional days off from work, a spattering of friends, and a dance party (What can I say? I'm an endorphin junkie.).

My perfect weekend started with sequins.

After a Harry Potter viewing and a lot of confusion by yours truly, we midnight shopped like hooligans in the mall! That's right, I was in the mall at midnight lined up for sales and give-aways galore!

We had a day-two feast of massive proportions that made buttercup feel quite full, hence look one and two.  

Later that same night in close proximity to tchocke cabinet, we reminisced about the food and peace on earth.

We enjoyed a stroll on the west side highway in route to the Rusty Knot for pretzel dogs.

Several pretzel dogs and games of pool later. We felt rested and ready for the evening's festivities.

 We had dinner with friends at the cute-hideaway alta.

We finished the night celebrating at our friend's house. What gracious hosts they are! 

The following day, Buttercup left us on a jet plane. Until next time Buttercup.

What makes a weekend perfect for you? 

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