Friday, November 19, 2010

I have a date tonight...

...with my books.

This is a photo of my suitors for the evening:
They are waiting for me at home right next to my bed; that is quite presumptuous of them wouldn't you say?

It was an inspiring week to say the very least, here is a quick summary:

I discovered this website dedicated to Japanese street fashion. Oh how I love Japanese street fashion. Harajuku girls! Need I say more? 

I met a nostalgist.

I received an early christmas gift in the form of a Tatler magazine subscription from my husband!

I overheard someone say, "See you next time, ta-ta." Love it! As a child, I thought this type of language was used by all British people.  I also thought the only way to order a cocktail was by using a British accent and saying, "More to drink! More to drink!"

I added several titles to the my now exhaustive reading list. Including this great new book on finding a creative (and fulfilling) career.

I found this picture on my iPhone of this spectacular painting:

That's all for now, ta-ta!

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  1. those books are so pretty! i love the term "ta ta," as well. have a great weekend, lady! (ta ta)