Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love the present

How smart is banana republic's new ad campaign? The ad, that I first saw in vogue, said, "Love the Present" and has a woman dressed in après-ski clothes surrounded by snow and mountains. No gift box, no holiday decorations, and no cheesy smile. Perfection.

I love the double entendre here too. It's brilliant and a romantic's dream. BR is telling us to love today by being in the now, and to love the glorious BR merino wool sweater we receive as a Christmas gift (i.e. love your presents).

Of course, I find this entirely thought provoking, it got me thinking, what about "the present" do I love?

Sticking with the double entendre, here is a list of things I love about "the present":

1. The paper! I love receiving a beautifully wrapped gift. It makes the present experience that much more lovely. I especially love brown paper.

2. I love that the holidays are here so I get to see all the people I love.

3. I love surprises. Surprise gifts! Surprise visitors!

4.  I love that at present, this gorgeous man is painting a new piece to go in my apartment.

 Learn more about his work here and check out his blog.

5. I love a present in the form of this

or this

or this.

6. I love that at present, I have I Heard it Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye playing in my head.

7. I love giving "the present". Especially to my deserving husband.

8. I love that at present,  I have a Husband!

9. I love that at present, I am opening myself up to different career opportunities.

10. I love the cuddly nights spent next to the fire giving presents.

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