Friday, November 12, 2010

Dress right off the runway at my humdrum office?

I've been inspired chickens, by Anna Dello Russo. Anna is a true fashionista, a timeless diva, is frequently featured on The Satorialist, and was the fashion director of Japanese Vogue. Known for her dedication to fashion and her right-off-the-runway looks, Anna IS fashion.

I'm inspired - what if I dress in ONLY right off the runway fashions for one year? This would be an absolute hoot. I would take a photo of myself everyday at my desk in full runway gear. What does everyone think? I know this New York, not Milan and that for the moment I am a 9-5er, but I think I could pull it off.

I may need to skip the see through frocks.

I'm drooling just thinking about it. Can you picture me at my cube in this feather headpiece? I can!

p.s. Japan is my favorite place to shop, hands down. Except my size 40 feet never had a chance in the Japanese shoes. The biggest size I saw was a 38. Sad, I know.

p.p.s. Look at Anna's hot bod, she is one dedicated diva.

(Photos by The Satorialist)

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