Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let the countdown(s) begin

I'm elated today! I'm so happy I can't get down. As Elvis Presley would put it, "I'm all shook up!"

In just 7 hours I pick up my buttercup (he would die if he heard me call him that!!) from the airport. I'm very excited to see him. Our plan is to stay in tonight and relax over some pizza and perhaps watch some Glee reruns. 

That folks is countdown number one. I'm also in countdown mode because I've been invited to a sale, for an amazing organization that will remain nameless. The sale can only be described as epic - the organization is a household name (at least in my world). To keep the anonymity of the organization I won't give you the exact date, but what I can say is that it's soon and you should be entirely jealous.

As a self-proclaimed sale guru or deal diva. I assure you that my finds at this sale will impress you fashionistas. I promise to document my finds here. For now, bask with me in the glory of feeling like an insider. 

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