Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby baby baby

I'm new to this whole blogging thing and therefore, quite unsure about reposting from other blogs. However, one of the themes of this blog is careers... and because I'm always impressed with women who make a statement in the "workplace" - I have to repost.

This is Licia Ronzulli, Italy's MEP, at a voting session of the European Parliament.

In this weekend's FT I read an article on Elle Machpherson and her lingerie empire (who would have thought? Elle Mac a lingerie goddess?), where she said, "Her work is an ever-changing kind of environment."Doesn't this picture depict that as well? Licia's main point here is women's rights and what-not, but as women we are constantly juggling and living/working in an ever-changing environment(with baby or with not). Our roles (as women) far surpass our day jobs (in Licia's case Italy's MEP!!) they include mother, sister, stylist, interior designer, diva, lover, caregiver, chef, educator...

Licia Ronzulli I applaud you. I'm humbled by your civil disobedience and gumption.

p.s. Isn't Licia such a beautiful name?

(Photo by Reuters/Vincent Kessler, via a cup of jo)

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