Tuesday, October 5, 2010


There are only 19 days left before my nuptials and the passing of my "find a new career" deadline. But don't be discouraged dear friends, because I'm not. I have regained my sense of hope (welcome back hope). You know that unexplainable energy that lifts you up from an otherwise soggy day? That is hope. Hope is the belief that a positive outcome awaits you. Today I am confident that I'll find or create a career that makes me happy and allows me to explore all the things I love.

What I plan to do with this new found hope can be summed up with a Goethe quote:

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it." - Goethe.

Dream and begin - check. Thanks Goethe!

I owe my rejuvenation to the outpouring of love I've received from friends lately. One surprise celebration after another (more on that later...well...maybe) has left me feeling entirely grateful for all the amazing and supportive people I have in my life. You know who you are!

That said, I know it’s hard to take that first step and make a career switch. But I've faced tougher challenges in my life and I have hope on my side.

So tell me...what gives you hope?

p.s. This photo is of me filled with hope. Can you tell?

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  1. Not sure who else is reading your blog Victoria.
    But I for one, am.

    At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur I have to admit that I JUST figured out how to use web feeds so I can keep track of the lovely, oh-so-thoughtful blogs that some of my dearest friends keep :)

    This regular, keep-track-of-my-friends started with your blog exactly for that same reason, HOPE. It is support and attitude of friends and family that gives me hope. Yesterday one of my closest friends got her dream job after waiting, unemployed, for 8 months. 2009 and 2010 were bad years for most people, in general. But I can feel it. Things are starting to turn and very soon I know I shall too find my way back to the upside.