Thursday, October 14, 2010

... Why would "B.B.Q at Best Man's" be weird? [Doorbell Ringing] Oh, my God, Greg. ...

This is a picture of Eric and I when we got engaged (I promise, more on that later).

With less than 24 hours before I leave for our wedding, I've contracted wedding fever. Please keep your distance; wedding fever is contagious. Symptoms of wedding fever include: giddiness, excitement, bouts of crying, excessive smiling, and an inordinate amount of thinking about your future husband.

It all started last night when, instead of sleeping, I lied in bed and thought about all the funny movies that had wedding themes (Meet the Parents, Father of the Bride, My Best Friend's Wedding, Bride Wars, The Wedding Singer, amongst others)and the funny one liners from them. I laughed over and over (in my head of course, because Eric was sleeping) at this scene from Meet the Parents:

...Why would "B.B.Q at Best Man's" be weird? [Ding Dong].
Oh, my God, Greg. I was sure I told you.
Kevin is Bob's best man. This is his place.
Kevin, your ex-fiance? Hey! Welcome, everybody.
I don't understand. How does he know Bob?
Well, they-- they went to lacrosse camp together, and Kevin was the one who introduced Bob to Debbie.


Great delivery Ben Stiller, thanks.

Weddings are a great backdrop for funny or unusual situations. I can't wait to share some funny stories from our wedding.

First, I have to find a cure for this fever!

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