Friday, October 8, 2010

Vobsessions: Hot pink lips and Marion Cotillard

A gigantic thank you to Joanna Goddard at Cup of Jo for the inspiration. I've become obsessed with hot pink lips too. I drooled over recent spreads that included the gorgeous new trend and have even considered (ever so briefly) wearing it for my wedding. Or at least during some of the festivities.

Last week while picking up some last minute wedding items at Make Up For Ever, I purchased a hot pink lipstick and tested it out. Here is a brief instructional on how to test out a new and daring beauty trend:

1. Wear it out during the day while doing otherwise mundane errands. Are people staring? Yes? Good.
2. Wear it at home in front of your fiancé, husband, lover, roommate, doorman, whomever. Did they make a comment similar to this: "Wow that's some pink lipstick you're wearing?" Yes? Good.
3. Lightly apply while wearing an otherwise conservative outfit and heading out for dinner. Do you feel more fabulous? Are you no longer even the least bit conflicted? Good.
4. If you still aren't convinced that you can pull it off, ask yourself WWZZD?

Now I'm not suggesting you splurge on every new beauty trend, if you know me, you know that I don't spend foolishly on beauty products. I am loyal to certain brands and limit my makeup collection to what I can fit in one small pouch (I am low maintenance in this regard). I reserve my foolish spending on shoes, but in this instance I had to give in to the trend.

So what does everyone think? Do I pull it off? Or should I banish the new lipstick to bin?

You know who can definitely pull it off...Marion Cotillard! Isn't she stunning? I'm definitely obsessed with her and the black-lace dress she wore in the July issue of Vogue (Photographed by Mario Testino). Or maybe my real obsession is with French culture and fashion, I have definitely binged on books about French culture in recent years but I digress on that for now. Cotillard is a classic beauty who is only 30 something, but is certainly included on my list of timeless divas.

Isn't this photo glamorous?

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