Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Song monster

If the music one enjoys is a window to their soul (stay with me here)...I'm soulless.

It's been non-stop Lady Gaga since Sunday (yup gaga is finally on my ipod). Why wouldn't I jam to Gaga's greatness? Her music is power b*tch music and she is totally fearless! The opening stanza of Alejandro gives me the urge to strut down a crowded NYC street (coyly making eye contact with NO ONE).

(She's got both hands in her pocket - and she won't look at you - won't look at you).

For the record, the first time I heard Alejandro I thought it was absurd and poking fun at cruise ship love (admit it we've all been there!!). This song is about so much more!! It's about a woman's right to choose and it gets me all riled up!

Please comment if you would like me to dissect your favorite pop song. I'll do it. I'm sure I can even find hidden meaning in the song On the Floor by J-lo. Give me a little time here folks.

For now, just smoke one cigarette and hush!

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