Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It is ok to...


1. Play dress up at home in front of your mirror before going to work.
2. Devour a made-for-teens book series.
3. Set your desktop background to black so that you can use it as a mirror.
4. Enjoy the company of that sassy 50-year-old Mom who sits next to you at work. She probably has great stories to share.
5. Admire Bethenny Frankel.
6. Press refresh (constantly) on your email waiting for an email from your cariño.
7. Tear up during movies that aren't meant to be tear jerkers. Say for example the Kings Speech ( I cried...was I supposed to?)
8. Laugh.
9. Take a bath in the morning before going to the office.
10. Spend more than the average woman on a pair of shoes, but not on your moisturizer (vaseline? anyone?).
11. Quote movies that show your age, like Karate Kid.
12. Correct your date's pronunciation.
13. Send secret admirer gifts.
14. Press refresh on a package tracker over and over again, hoping the status will change.
15. Be jealous of your friend's sexy job.
16. Feign modesty.
17. Feign vanity.
18. Say no to free stuff you don't need - hard one, I know.
19. Top chef style dine with friends: taste, taste, and pass your plate.
20. Cut the length off a gown or maxi that you've already worn plenty.
21. Love having your picture taken.
22. Say, "NO or SORRY."
23. Pretend you have plans and stay in.
24. Tell the truth about your age.
25. Blog shamelessly about your life.

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