Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blast from the past

I've been told by my sister that an indicator of whether or not I like a gift is if I immediately try it on. Well, once I met my husband - I "put him on" and haven't taken him off since. I'm reminiscing this morning, because in a few days I take off for 2-weeks without him. Have I failed to mention that I'm Asia bound come April? Have I also failed to mention that I've taken a time-out from my career. Oh well, more on that later. For now, I'd like you to stay with me as I recall that fateful day I met my special someone.

Here we are in all our 20-something glory a short while after we met. Please note the quintessential red plastic cup (shout out to the jersey shore players) and the surprisingly not so bad highlights I was rocking (I'm proud of me).

p.s.  He still has that shirt.
p.p.s. I no longer have that adorable little bag.

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