Thursday, March 31, 2011

8 alternatives

As I wind down my DID days and by that I mean my last days in corporateville, not my last days of blogging. I feel pensive and excited. I'm walking on a cloud of freedom and opportunity (or maybe it's idealism). It feels very similar to those last days before or after college.

Speaking of college, James Altucher wrote a very interesting post  a while back discouraging kids from going to college (gasp!). His suggested alternatives could come in handy for a recovering DID too. He suggests kids consider the following alternatives:

1. Start a business
2. Travel the world
3. Create art
4. Make people laugh
5. Write a book
6. Work in a charity
7. Master a game
8. Master a sport

Click here for the full article, which disputes the criticisms that will arise from non-conventional/risky paths.

Totally unrelated, but I dedicate this song to my friend Soo. Please hang in there Soo. Good things are coming your way soon.

(photo by funkytown of ruins in Guatemala)

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  1. Hey thanks for linking to me. Good luck as you ease your way out of the corporate world into the (sur)real world.