Monday, March 7, 2011

Lies my husband told me

Click here for some mood music (Adele - Lovesong cover).

1. I love having my picture taken.
2. No, you aren't moody dear.
3. Designer handbags are a great investment!
4. What other girlfriends? I was in a monastery before meeting you.
5. What cellulite?
6. No, you don't look tired.
7. It's cute when you wear my sweater to cook dinner. 
8. I especially love you in that harem-style jumpsuit - so stylish.
9. Talking about having a baby doesn't make me nervous, don't be silly!
10. No, I'm not sleeping, let's talk.


  1. Lol these lies were pretty funny!
    And I love Adele, good choice featuring her on this post

  2. hilarious! my absolute fave is number 3! he's a keeper :)

    glad i discovered your blog today!