Thursday, August 18, 2011

Self study by an Iranian/American

Interesting digital photo project by Natalie Abbassi. Natalie is an Iranian/American who has created this interesting photo collage. In each scenario she has incorporated herself twice, once as the Iranian and once as the American.

Such an interesting concept! While we all don't have such dramatic differences in our selves culturally. I'm fairly certain that each of us experiences some inner conflict between our different selves. 

Click here to see more images from the collage.

Natalie was raised both in the United States and Iran and speaks both English and Farsi fluently. She recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BFA in design and a concentration in photography, and currently lives in Greensboro. Abbassi enjoys setting up scenarios and digital photo collages to discover a deeper understanding of who we are as complicated beings. The goal of her photographic communication is to tell the stories of individuals’s lives, as it helps us see the shared common ground between us all.


(Photo via Guernica by Natalie Abbassi)

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