Saturday, August 13, 2011

Creative genius

After endless months of planning to visit the McQueen exhibit I finally did, twice.

The first time was as a refuge from the hot-hot heat we've been experiencing in NYC. After a long and hot subway ride uptown, I quickly found satisfaction at the massive sale at Comptoir Des Cotonniers before heading over to the exhibit. I insulted the sensibilities of the French and upper east side women at the shop when I decided, for efficiency, that I didn't need a dressing room to try on the marked-down goodies. I left with a pair of high-waisted silk shorts in a floral pattern, an oversized linen top and a pair of white jeans that are perfect for my derrière.

With my new purchases in tow, I headed to the Met and found my friend. Once inside we discovered that we weren't the only New Yorkers who thought they would escape the heat. It was crowded, very.

I slowly made my way through the exhibit with just one thing on my mind - how did he do it? How did McQueen come up with such thought-provoking fashions year after year? McQueen found inspiration in everthing from Japanese culture to human insecurities. His runway shows were a form of performance art and each year he took it further and further.

What was it like to live the life of a creative genius? And, do I have it in me?

I certainly have a creative side, ideas flow out of my mind every minute of everyday, but could I be a trend starter? Could I have endless vision? Know where to go and go there? I certainly hope so!

On a trip to Guatemala I met a gentlemen who told my friend and I that he was a creative genius who was misunderstood by the people. This post is dedicated to him and to his ability to believe in himself.

Speaking Of trend starting I've tried to make BTB a slang in NYC with no luck (so far). Help me start the trend!

Ta-ta for now.

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  1. I cannot wait to see this next time I am in NY - thank you for sharing your experience!