Friday, August 5, 2011

Parenting readiness test - FAILED

A few nights ago, the cutest little boy waited for the elevator with me. Just like his nanny, he was wearing a yellow rain slicker. It had just begun to rain and because my dinner date was someone I rarely see I was going to face the puddles.

I asked the adorable little guy what he thought of the rain and he told me, in no uncertain terms, that he didn't like getting wet. My first thought was - city kid! Then I thought his parents must teach him the joys of rain. Dancing in it. Singing in it. Soaking in it. During this heat wave, rain is like a giant sprinkler.

Anyway, we entered the elevator and in my least baby-like voice (I don't talk to kids in cutesy voices) I asked him to press 1 for me. I thought he would reply with a clever "going down," but instead he looked at me bewildered. That's when his super nanny saved me, she simply said "can you press the star, please?"

Parenting readiness test - FAILED. Toddlers don't always know their numbers! But they've damn sure been practicing their shapes from day 55.

(Picture of buttercup circa 1997)

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