Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ADR is a saucy minx...and I love her

Sure she is as odd as they come, but she lives in a play/dream land of absolute greatness. Here we have a woman who never lost her child-like luster for life! And frankly, if you take away the awesome stylist job/Italian accent/or that fact that she doesn't drink wine, she reminds me a bit of myself. If you know me, you know that I am truly silly and that I enjoy all of the following: dancing (pretty much anytime and any place, including by not limited to at the gym, when walking down the street, and in my living room), rollerskating in my apartment, wearing a tiara to bed in bed to remind Mr. DID who the real princess of the house is, and  most importantly I love (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) laughter - plain and simple (but really who doesn't)?

Another thing about ADR is that she strikes me as pretty tolerant. Anyone who dresses as outrageously as she does must be accepting of other people (this is a giant leap in my logic, I know), but seriously anyone who wear a tutu and means it must be accepting of other people's differences, at least in my view. Or perhaps she can't tolerate something pedestrian like men in ill-fitting clothes or fleece jackets worn for anything other than hiking or skiing.

Here is to you ADR for never being drab (anything but drab) and for BTBing (bringing that boldness).

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