Friday, May 20, 2011

You oughta know about...

1. The amount of extra stuff Myra brought home from Asia. I fit in the bag she used to lug it all back! See above. 

2. The film I Am Love starring Tilda Swinton. It is genius, tragic, and beautiful all in one.  There is something for everyone in this film. For all the fashionistas out there - the wardrobes are brilliant and definitely very Italian. 

3. Refinery 29's reserve with Dannijo. Click here for more information. Starting May 19, a $75 voucher snags you $150 worth of shimmering Dannijo loot, while $150 scores you $300. Ready for this? $300 gets you an insane $600 of summer jewel bliss!

4. The film The Ramen Girl - a quirky and silly tale of a woman stranded in Japan. The main character "finds herself" while studying to be a Ramen chef.  I found it silly, yet inspiring. Plus - I have a love affair with Ramen.  

5. Moroccan Oil - the key ingredient for silky and smooth hair. The Brazilians love it, I love it, and so do beauty gurus everywhere.  Read more about it here.  BELEZA. 

6. The novel Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea. The book was first released in Lebanon in Arabic. The novel recounts forbidden details about the private lives of four young women from Saudi Arabia's upper classes.  The reader follows the four women as they deal with the conflict of educated modern Saudi women growing up in the 21st century in a culture firmly rooted in an ancient way of life. Think Sex in City meets a Salman Rushdie novel.  

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