Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hudson Urban Bicycles - HUB

I'm dog sitting for the sweetest little pup who I've nicknamed McSneezy (he sneezes all night in his sleep, hence the nickname).  McSneezy enjoys long walks in the village and investigative sniffing of other pups. Last week, we stumbled upon a bike shop that features old-fashioned bicycles - HUB.  Located on Charles, HUB offers new and used bikes for the hipster in all of us.

McSneezy made friends with Scout, HUB's handsome mascot, while I chatted with a HUB patron. The stylish patron had just selected a cream-colored Linus with all the trimmings to go with his perfectly selected skinny jeans and linen blazer. Style for style -  as they say. The offerings at HUB are, in fact, urban and chic (yes, I'm talking about bicycles here). There are retro selections that make sense only in New York.

For out-of-towners HUB has great rates for hourly bike rentals.


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