Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lost at sea

This weekend at the beach in east hampton, I observed two little boys in action. 

It was tremendous. As the adults on the beach treated the sea like a dear-old friend who doesn't require much attention, the children did something observably different - they moved.

Perhaps it was the sea's energy that pulled them or the freedom of bare feet and bathing suits, I really don't know. But I felt it too. I wanted nothing more than to move with the waves and stick my chest out revealing my vulnerability to the great and powerful sea. So while Mr. DID was nose deep in a book I approached the sea and took it all in... the sounds, textures, smells, warmth, all of it. Today as I look out on the rainy NYC afternoon I'm reminded of my wistful afternoon by the sea. 

Here is a theme song for this post. If you prefer something faster try this song.  Both songs warrant a great big HEY-YO. 

(picture by me)

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