Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ten ways to treat post wedding blues syndrome (PWBS)

PWBS is a very common phenomenon. Women spend months, sometimes years, planning their weddings and once the celebration is over slide into a depression.

PWBS tends to be short-lived, but is very real. Symptoms include: obsessive reviewing of ones wedding photos, incessant discussing of wedding events, cutting your hair inappropriately short for your face, changing your look drastically (e.g. from classic chic to grunge chic), feeling like your life is over, singing your wedding song over and over, trying on your wedding dress just to be sure it still fits, and fighting with your in-laws.

Here are a few ways to combat PWBS:

1. Plan your best friend's wedding. Engaged or not, she will be grateful that someone did the planning ahead of time.
2. Write a wedding blog. These are insanely popular and require new content everyday. See here and here. Wedding planning can live on, you see!
3. Start a wedding planning business and start consulting for other women. One or two clients later and you will be grateful that your wedding is over.
4. Start a PWBS support group. Post fliers in your neighborhood featuring a picture of you in your wedding dress. A great opportunity to utilize the picture titled group 5804. Seriously how many photos did you photographer take!
5. Research the history of marriage and write a book.
6. Travel around the world filming wedding traditions of different cultures. Make a documentary about it and submit to the various film festivals. Wait - I should really do that. Hmmm.
7. Plan a party for a friend. You get to plan a party and make someone feel special. Do it.
8. Practice laughter yoga. I don't know about you, but I love to laugh more than anything else - who doesn't? Plus laughter helps create social bonds, which make us happy. Click here to read about the science of laughter.
9. Contact the NY times and suggest they start a wedding critic section. Volunteer to be the Michiko Kakutani of weddings. I should do this too. Ignore this suggestion.
10. Write a song about it. I've got the PW bluessss.


  1. The red against the white, it's killing me. Love it. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  2. Support group. haha.

  3. So funny! And I love that pretty photo -- the red flowers are stunning!
    xo Josie

  4. So whose wedding are you planning ;)