Monday, April 25, 2011

Souvenirs for the stylish travelers

If you like shopping, Asia is the ultimate destination. Giant shopping malls and unique boutiques fill the streets. Thailand is no exception. Myra and I spent full days of our vacation scouring fancy Thai shopping malls and weekend markets filled with brand name designers and unique Thai fashions.

Designer duds from Thai designers meant unique keepsakes.

Some of favorite designers included Vickteerut and Boudoir by Disaya.

Vickteerut's effortless looks uses premium fabrics, unique shapes, and daring hem-lines. Bringing together a collection of minimal, understated pieces. Unfortunately, most of the looks were too short for my 5'10 frame. I mean "is she wearing pants?" short.  I brought home a washed silk number (shown above) that would bring Elizabeth Taylor (circa the 1960's) to her knees.

Boudoir by Disaya is a lingerie collection from the designer Disaya Prokobsantisukh. The confidently sexy collection really suited my smaller frame and the fabrics were so rich that you would think I picked up some kiki montparnasse while abroad. Eat your heart out lingerie lovers because this stuff was a steal.

The Weekend Market in Chatuchak was the best one-stop-shop for all our last minute purchases and some pleasant surprises. I picked up some swanky t-shirts for the gents in my life and some truly unique leather and textiles.

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  1. UPDATE! Vickteerut was written up in this week's issue of NY mag...sweet I'm ahead of the trend.