Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life as a montage

When preparing for a big trip or trying to learn something difficult (or boring!!), I wish I were viewing my life as a video montage like in the movies. If I could fast forward through the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell says we need to become an expert in something or blink and already be across the world, I would. Not because I want to fast forward through my life, but because that would give me more time to try new things (and move on if I choose). 

Then I think about those moments or life events that, in my head, already play out as a montage. My times spent laughing with close friends, planning for my wedding to Mr. DID (and all that led up to it), my trip to Asia with Myra, watching buttercup grow up, and plenty of other events. 

My reason for writing this post is to remind myself and my readers to savor life - enjoy it completely. 

(picture in Phuket by Myra)

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  1. Nicely put and yeah I hope I'm on hour 9,9XX already. My parents tell me I'm impatient but I'm just ready to make a REAL difference!