Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pendleton: The Portland Collection

If you look past the general momsy exterior of the Pendleton brand you will find some iconic and amazing pieces. Particularly if you are a first-time viewer and are looking at the new young and hip Portland Collection.

I discovered Pendleton wool goods at a recent trip to Buffalo and this stuff is bonkers. If your look incorporates elements of Native American style this stuff is for you - plus it is legit gorgeous. I bought this as a small present for my sister. Did I mention I love buying her presents?

Take a tour of The Portland Collection's lookbook here. Sort through and imagine yourself on a ski trip decked out in one of these getups. I also really like these vintage men's flannel shirts as well - worn as a shirt with some leather or belted as a dress. Or what about these boots? Who wouldn't wear these apres ski?

Having seen this stuff in person, I can attest that it is high quality and suitable for the indie chick in all of us. I can certainly see this lady wearing some of the looks.

My favorite item from the collection is the over-sized sweater shown below. I can think of 5 different ways to wear and enjoy it. I'm certainly a bit more classic, but I'd pull it off.  I could definitely see this recent bride wearing it on a fall day up north. I'd style her with some black jeans, knee-high boots, and whatever else suits her mood.

The designers: Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk, and John Blasioli bring a "strong love of independent fashion as well as the spirit of Pendleton," and make me want to sing this song.

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  1. I love Pendleton! So cozy and perfect for fall. I want those Lucinda boots!