Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun in the sun

Did you know that I once met a professional skater (skateboarder) at a music festival who proceeded to call me at my house to only get the wrath of my 3-year old brother. Yup, that's right folks. I could be Mrs. Victoria Skateboarder Extreme. I could be.

Music festivals are a great way to enjoy the summer months, assuming it doesn't rain. But should it rain that is an opportunity for a little muddy love. Everyone remembers Kate Moss's infamous fashion statement at Glastonbury music festival a few years back. If you don't, just know that after she rocked the "wellies" to the concert hunter boots started to appear everywhere. Wellies were once reserved for stable hands, fishermen and other sloppy lads, but after Miss Moss wore them rubber chaos ensued.

Speaking of England...just passed is the infamous Cornbury festival in England. The July extravaganza was such a success that the producers are selling a compilation CD of some of the 40 (or so) bands who performed. Pre-order your CD here and maybe throw your own music festival... a one day adventure that includes a backyard mosh-pit.

I've heard great things about the yearly music festival, Coachella from my friends on the west coast. I took a peak at the 2011 lineup and needless to say, I was floored. Picture yourself sun-kissed and dancing to the likes of...I can't even name one favorite. That would take away from all the rest.

Single-day passes are still available for the truly infamous, Lollapalooza - August 5-7, Grant Park, Chicago, IL. Take cue from Miss Moss and BTB to Chicago for a weekend of coldplay, my morning jacket, muse, cold war kids, foo fighters, and ween. Hehe, yup, I said weeeeen.

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